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Michael Gearhardt
5 min readJan 24, 2021


IoT is still way too hard. Whether you are connecting devices, configuring stream analytics jobs, IoT hubs, and cloud storage, or processing data to send downstream for visualization, application development or machine learning, one thing is certain: These processes are fraught with difficulty.

There has to be a better way for getting started with an IoT project that does not require weeks or even months of configuration. That is why today we are launching Fathym IoT Ensemble, a simple but powerful platform that provides the cloud-native infrastructure for your IoT project out of the box. IoT Ensemble operates as your virtual IoT development team. The platform radically reduces the time and work involved in getting devices connected, understanding their data, and delivering end-to-end customer driven IoT applications.

Best Practice IoT Cloud Infrastructure, Out of the Box#

Have you ever spent weeks researching and configuring stream analytics jobs, data mapping, or cold, hot, and warm storage? The process of setting up cloud native IoT infrastructure that can stream, map, store and query your data is lengthy and tedious, whether you are an experienced cloud engineer or new to these cloud services.

IoT Ensemble eliminates this pain by providing the best practice IoT cloud infrastructure you need to process, store, and query your data. IoT Ensemble abstracts all this complexity so you can focus on what matters: collecting and understanding your data.

IoT ensemble leverages Microsoft Azure to provide a shared cloud environment. You do not need any knowledge of Azure or even an Azure account to get started. Let us handle the heavy lifting of automating and managing your best practice cloud environment while you focus on visualizing data or application delivery.

Simply Connect your Device and View your Data#

IoT Ensemble is focused on helping you to connect devices, understand data, and deliver and scale IoT applications. When getting started with a new cloud native IoT solution, you are not only working towards connecting a device, but also on how to process and store its data to perform tasks such as visualization, machine learning, and application development.

When you sign up for your free account of IoT Ensemble, you can enable emulated device data to see it immediately flowing through your dashboard. To connect a physical device, simply enroll a unique device name. You will be provided with a connection string and SAS token, along with detailed documentation, to connect your device.

IoT Ensemble provides a Devices Telemetry table that displays payload messages of your emulated and connected device data. You can easily view and copy payload schema and send sample device messages into the system. We provide a best practice schema that we recommend for sending IoT messages. This allows for the collection of device data, sensor readings and sensor metadata to deliver a rich, pre-configured IoT experience.

IoT Ensemble also provides the open-source dashboard Freeboard as an out of the box example of how to visualize your data. You can use this tool to create and locally save custom visualizations and later load them into view.

The main goal of any IoT Solution is to collect device data and successfully bring it into your preferred tools for visualization, application development, AI, machine learning, and more. IoT Ensemble provides APIs for storing and sending data downstream to other services, such as Power BI or Azure Machine Learning.

Scale as you Grow#

From our own and our customer’s experience, we know that starting new IoT projects at a cost-effective pace is critical to success. All too often teams run into longer than estimated timelines and unknown cost spikes. IoT Ensemble provides an IoT project starting point that works for novices through to senior architects, to deliver repeatable and scalable IoT solutions.

Get started today and connect a device for free. No credit card is required. As you scale, we offer two plans for our shared cloud. IoT cloud pricing is too complex and almost impossible to accurately predict. To remedy this, our starter plan for 10 devices costs $20 a month and our pro plan for 50 devices costs $70 a month.

We also offer a customizable enterprise tier. We can automate a best practice IoT cloud in your own Azure environment for unlimited devices. You have full access to this infrastructure as it is hosted in your own Azure account. You can modify it as you see fit and have full access to the APIs that manage your data sources. To learn more, email

Frustrated by IoT? Try IoT Ensemble#

If you are an IoT cloud architect who needs to get a project started quickly instead of spending hours configuring cloud services, try IoT Ensemble. If you are an embedded device engineer who needs to get a prototype working and sending data downstream without soliciting the services of a cloud engineer, try IoT Ensemble. If you are a hobbyist that wants to view and make use of the data your Raspberry Pi is collecting, try IoT ensemble.

IoT does not have to be so difficult and frustrating. Accelerate your usage and adoption of IoT technologies and try IoT Ensemble.

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